About - Divine By Dannielle


I was lucky enough to be born and raised in Smithers BC. I have just recently closed that chapter and relocated to Kamloops to follow my dreams and be closer to my retired parents. I absolutely love the lifestyle here! I spend my time going on long walks, biking, spinning, hiking, snowboarding, snowshoeing, yoga, listening to podcasts, books, music, cooking, cleaning, growing food, organizing, watching documentaries and reality tv, hanging out with my parents and friends – and of course my ultimate passion researching and learning more about skincare!

Right out of high school I went to Kelowna B.C to follow my passion to become an esthetician. I’ve always been obsessed with skincare. From the age 13 onwards I struggled with severe acne. I tried everything from antibiotics, creams, birth control and even accutane 3 times – you name it I’ve tried it. That is really what propelled me into wanting to know everything I could about the connection between beauty and wellness and how each human has a vulnerability underneath their quest for beauty.

Dove research has shown that only 4% of women identify as beautiful. Imagine going through a traumatic event like getting burnt or severe acne and being left with the reminder having scars for the rest of your life – the reminder can actually be more debilitating than the condition itself. My goal is to empower my clients to make informed decisions on the best way to care for your unique skin.

I offer a collaborative and holistic approach to beauty and skincare. After nearly two decades traveling the world working in a variety of different spa environments from private yachts to high end nail bars. The hands-on experience has given me the experience to deliver the highest quality of services. I am all about advanced facial types that deliver real tangible results.

My goal is to empower my clients to make informed decisions about how to invest in their skin and health.