Pricing - Divine By Dannielle


Photo Therapy Skin Treatments

Laser Hair Removal

Freckle Lightening$60Full Legs$275
Scars & Stretch Marks$40Lower Legs$150
Spider Veins$40Full Thigh$200
Rosacea$80Inner Thigh$140
Sunspots (per spot)$30Buttocks$200
Full Face & Neck$250Basic Bikini$80
Full Face$200Linea$50
3 Photo Facial$525Sternum$60

Facial Treatments

Chest & Abdomen$300
Advanced MicroneedlingAbdomen$120
Full Face (includes neck)$225Chest$120
3 Treatments Full Face$625Full Back$200
Add Chest$50Lower Back$100
Customized FacialsUpper Back$130
'Clean the Slate' Dermaplaning Facial$120Shoulders$120
'Teen Facial'$50Underarms$60
Dermaplaning add on$30Full Arms$170
Full Face$60Chin$40
Add Chest$20Cheeks$60
Add Neck$15Upper Lip$40
Plump & Peel$120Back & Front Neck$80
Add on Peel$30Half Face (upper lip, chin, under chin)$80
'Fluff & Stuff' Facial$100Side Burns$40
'Derma-glow' Facial$45

Hair Removal

'Adios Acne' Facial$90Full Legs$72
Back Facial$130Half Leg$42
Shiny Hiney$80Upper Legs$45
Lashes & BrowsBack Wax$54
YUMI Lashlift$100Chest$45
Brow Lamination (includes brow tint)$65Stomach$40
Brow Wax & Tint$30Chest & Stomach$60
* Photo-facials and Micro-needling include numbingForearms$36

Spa Services

Full Arms$45
Feet Underarms$20
Bioseaweed Gel Pedicure$75Upper Lip / Chin$20
Mens Pedicure$54Basic Bikini$24
Mini Pedicure$36French Bikini (includes back)$42
Gel Polish Change Toes$42Brazilian$54


Bioseaweed Gel Nail Extentions$72Pro Brow Shape and Wax$20
Gel Overlay$54Brow Wax & Tint$35
Gel Fill (done by me)$65Brow Tint$20
Soak Off and Re-do Gel Polish$54Lash Tint$24
Gel Manicure$60Combo Tint (lashes & brows)$35
Gel Polish Application$42Lash & Brow Tint & Wax$42
Nail Art / French$5Lip & Brow Wax$25
Gel Removal (extensions)$30
Nail Repair (after a week)$5
Within a weekfree
Under 12 Polish (toes & hands)$25